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Kefir Grains Near Me – Organic Milk Kefir

We offer genuine and traditional kefir grains which has been organically grown from original grains using traditional methods with whole fat organic milk. Our whole family enjoy the fermented kefir drink

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You can always talk to our Ferments & Dietitians if any doubts.

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(FREE: Double mesh strainer, Instruction manual & courier service)



We accept order over Online /Whatsapp / Email.

  1. We ship all over India.
  2. Payment to be done through Google Pay / PayTm / Bank Transfer while ordering. Please share complete address details through WhatsApp.
  3. On receipt of payment, we ship within 24 hours (same or next working day) and share the consignment copy with tracking details.
  4. Our starter Kefir grains  will be live and active upto 18 days in the parcel. It will reach within 2-5 days based on your location.
  5. If it does not reach before 18th day from the date of dispatch, we will send a replacement on 19th day.
  6. The courier tracking will be online.
  7. We pack starter in the BPA free pet bottles with sealed air tight cap.


  • Starter Kit includes Organic Milk Kefir Grains, to culture upto  300ml of milk daily.1 tea spoon , (Includes FREE Double mesh strainer)
  • Re-usable heirloom kefir grains
  • Multiplies over a period of time when properly fed and taken care.
  • We send kefir grains soaked in milk through courier. The grains will be fresh, active and healthy upto 12 days in transit.
  • Courier will reach within 3 – 4 working days.


  • We send by courier within same or next working day
  • We pack the milk kefir grains in a food safety plastic container mixed with milk to be nourished in transit.
  • The kefir grains will be safe in packing for 12 days, the courier will reach within 2-5 working days anywhere in India.
  • Once you receive you it, unpack it carefully, strain the kefir grains using the strainer and add to the fermenting jar with 200-400 ml of room temperature milk already added.
  • Ferment for 24 hours and separate the kefir milk and kefir grains following the instructions.




  • Clean Glass Jar (Jar mouth to be wide enough to put your fingers/scrubber to wash thoroughly)
  • A plastic/nylon strainer (Double mesh nylon strainer is best to separate the grains and ready kefir milk.)
  • Kitchen Towel / Close knit cloth (To avoid house flies and dust)
  • Rubber Band (To tighten the cloth covering the jar mouth)
  • Plastic/wooden Spoon ( to separate the grains and kefir milk while straining )



  • Organic Kefir Grains
  • 250- 300 ml of full fat milk (Pasteurized milk can be directly used without boiling, if you are using raw milk from the local vendor, you should boil it and cool it before using)


Preparation Method of Milk Kefir Grains

  1. Pour fresh milk over your kefir grains in a clean glass jar. We suggest you not fill your jar all the way to the brim of the jar.
  2. Give a gentle stir to the milk and kefir grains using plastic spoon.
  3. Cover the jar mouth securely with clean kitchen cloth and secure with the rubber band.
  4. Place the jar in a warm and well ventilated place in your kitchen until the kefir is cultured.
  5. Start checking your kefir at about 12 hours. It can take 24 hours or more to get your kefir to set the way you like it. Use your eyes and your nose: if your kefir has separated a bit, thickens, and smells tangy and yeasty, it’s probably done.
  6. Now, you can separate the kefir milk and kefir grains using the strainer and plastic spoon.
  7. You can  repeat the process for next batch by place kefir grains directly into a fresh, clean jar and pour new milk on top. Leave on the counter to immediately start another batch.


  • Live Bigger sized Grains (High Quality Grains)
  • Cultured with organic milk (Green grass fed cows milk)
  • No artificial sweeteners added
  • Kefir grains & Kefir drinks to Nutritionists and Doctors
  • Build Immunity & Fights Allergy
  • We provide service all over India
  • We are FSSAI Registered
  • We are SSL Certified
  • We use organic products during the process of fermentation
  • We provide Free Double mesh strainer, Instruction, E-Book & Courier Charges
  • We provide best quality grains in the market with extra good bacterial strains
  • We pack it air tight with five layer protection
  • If any questions or queries you can contact us: 8762683236


  • We personally feel kefir tastes best consumed in a smoothie. Sour fruits (such as mangoes, kiwi, raspberries or strawberries) pair well with the sour of the kefir. You can add a bit of maple syrup or organic honey to even out the tartness.
  • You can also use kefir as a Indian traditional buttermilk substitute.

Important note: If you aren’t used to drinking kefir, you might want to start slowly to allow your body to get accustomed to the extra probiotics.


  • kefir is more beneficial than yogurt
  • kefir is rich source of nutrition and also improves lactose intolerance and boosts vital energy’s
  • Kefir improves gut and digestive system and balances the appetite
  • kefir strengthens bones and lower the risk of osteoporosis
  • kefir workout for weight loss and lower the risk of obesity
  • kefir improves skin and helps for anti aging fitness
  • kefir may help you to get rid of asthma
  • kefir improves digestive system and helps to cure irritable bowl system
  • kefir improves immune system and fight against infection and allergies
  • kefir improves gut health and aligns the digestive organs
  • kefir is good remedy to cure acne
  • kefir may reduce insulin resistance and lower the risk of diabetes
  • kefir controls blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol
  • kefir is rich in calcium protein vitamin b12 vitamin k and biotin
  • kefir helps in stress management and other anxiety issues

Why is milk kefir good and what are their benefits?

Before knowing about kefir, are you troubling your intestine by taking improper food? The troubled intestines give signals to the brain and the troubled brain will give signals to your gut, indeed the brain and the gastrointestinal system are intimately connected. The very common reasons for all health issues are from the improper digestive system. Poor digestion can lead to several complications, including vitamin deficiency, fatigue, bloat and constipation.

Generally, people gain weight by eating a lot of carbs. Indeed carbs are essential energy fuel for life to sustain. But naturally we need to eat a variety of foods to get different vitamins, minerals and nutrient-rich food including fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, whole grains, dairy, legumes, nuts, and seeds.But Instead, Inadequate or excessive intake of imbalanced food with nutrition deficiency, and an unsophisticated lifestyle – make health more complicated and becomes the reason for all health problems.

Need not to worry, “Milk kefir provides a lot of health benefits” The kefir probiotics drink stands unique, and does magnificent transformations in digestion and healing your gut. Kafir is good bacteria that help the digestive system. But taking a kafir supplement and craving for junk food, chocolate, donuts will not give any results! The supplement of kefir probiotics can only help to get the desired results by improving the digestion system and by making better use of what you eat and keep you healthy.

Benefits of milk kefir:

  1. Milk kefir is hygienic nutrition, rich in calcium, protein and B vitamins.
  2. Milk Kefir provides digesting protein called casein, Casein is a type of protein present in dairy products such as cheese, milk, yogurt which is specific when it comes to digestion.
  3. Milk Kefir helps to lose excess weight because Kefir products digest very slowly, Kefir is Low in calories and fat, this fermented milk beverage fits into most diets – it means that it keeps full for longer. This also means that eating less for the next meal, resulting in a significant weight loss over time.
  4. Milk kefir may contain up to 61 different microorganisms, builds up much more sources of probiotics than many other fermented dairy products like yogurt.
  5. Milk Kefir probiotics has potent antibacterial properties which are believed to protect against infections.
  6. Milk kefir can improve bone health, Milk kefir is a dairy product, of good nutrition, which is an excellent source of calcium, and full-fat dairy kefir also contains vitamin K2.
  7. Milk kefir can also lead to improvements in various digestive diseases.
  8. Milk Kefir may Improve allergy and asthma Symptoms.

Traditional milk kefir grains includes more than 35 strains of healthy bacteria’s including Lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus delbrueckii bulgaricus Lactococcus lactis lactis, Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus casei pseudoplantarum, Lactobacillus helveticus, and Lactobacillus brevis), and Acetic acid bacteria too. Yeasts varieties include Saccharomyces, Torulopsis, and Kluyveromyces.





Disclaimer : The information on our website is not purposed to replace professional medical diagnosis, treatment or even advice. You should always consult a qualified healthcare professional with questions about any medical condition. The information provided is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment. 


Always seek the guidance of a qualified health provider before making any adjustments to medications or treatments or when starting new medications or treatments. The Food and Drug Administration or any official accredited government food safety regulators have NOT evaluated statements contained herein. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. (Matru Probiotic Cultures) does not accept any responsibility for any harm or loss from the information provided and products offered on this website which may result from failure to consult with the appropriate health authorities, and readers are solely responsible for the risk of any such injuries that may arise from these circumstances. All information is provided for informational purposes only.


“Good Health Starts From Strong Gut.” — Darshan Saravana


  1. sirisha v

    I have purchased coconut kefir grains few weeks back. And since then had been fermenting the coconut water with kefir grains repeating batches. It tastes good as expected. Kids drink as well. Go for it if you want to boost your immunity. The site can be trusted!!

  2. Bru Matt

    The grains are proper Kefir grains, big size. My prior experience with another vendor was bad, the grains were tiny, probably in developing stage. I’m pleased with this purchase from Happy Live culture. Darshan’s amazing

  3. Vaishali Chauhan

    Xtrmly quick delivery and an extra star for safe n secure packing. The kefir grains (both milk n water) are of very good quality and qty. The grains were ready wth the brew next day itself. Scoby disc is of good thickness with reasonable starter liquid.

    Darshan has alot of patience to answer all the questions and clears all and any doubts concerning the grains n scoby.

    Completely happy with the purchase and will certainly recommend them for healthy kefir grains.

    Thank you HLC Team and good luck 🙂

  4. Britto

    I have just made milk Kefir and had both the first and second ferments, though must say that the 1st ferment was better than the second, tangier but good, water Kefir also is working well, what I liked about Darshan from HLC is that when I requested him about my packaging, I was happy that the packaging was like a safety vault, 4 security covers to reach the gold inside the bottles. Thank you Darshan and pray for your success with others too

  5. Guru

    As you know Finding right kefir grains it’s a tough task. After 2 dealers I gave “Happy Live cultures” a Try. I was skeptical but eventually all my purchases were fruitful. The kefir grain milk have grown. The water kefir grains have doubled. And a Baby Scooby is forming on my kombucha as I write this. The help given by there team was great. Follow directions given by their team.

  6. vijan

    Hi All,
    I purchased the grains from Darshan (Happy Live Culture). The grains are of good quality. Even though I am new to kefir brewing, I have managed to keep my grains alive and grown them too. Darshan is helpful, and he is around to answer any of the questions we had with Kefir.

    Regarding its benefits, my husband and I had a lot of gut-related issues, especially acidity. However, ever since we are using Milk Kefir, our gut health is much better.

  7. Deepika

    Very quick and efficient response. Bought 2 Ltrs of milk kefir, liked the quality. It was fresh and delicious. Looking forward to try other products from happy live cultures.

  8. Zafi

    The cultures are very good and gained benefit from this .I bought both milk kefir and water kefir both are very good and they are delivering the very next day of the order even for outstation.And they are answering all the queries without hesitation.thankyou so much

  9. Anand

    Darshan delivered what he promised. Good quality Kefir grains. Really happy. Would definitely
    recommend to others. Anand.

  10. Reshma

    Received the water kefir grains and they are of good quality. Would highly recommend this to all. We can go for their grains without a second thought. And the customer service is the best of all. You receive the order real quick and in the best condition. And also they provide you all the information on how to proceed and start with the fermentation. And they are also there to clear your doubts if you have any. I give a big thumps up.

  11. ganesan

    ust 1wk passed by since I visited “Happy Live Cultures” to get home Milk Kefir grains. Darshan explained the process in detail, Bravo!

    Being novice to Kefir, Darshan’s continuous support in Whatsapp almost on daily basis for the past few days helped a lot.
    We are still learning. The ongoing tips from “Happy Live Cultures” will definitely motivate us to continue this journey.

    It’s a time consuming process indeed. And patience pays back! 🙂

  12. Ketan

    Loved the kefir grains that I received from HLC. They Look great and taste amazing. Satisfied💜

  13. mamta

    Bought Water Kefir grains a month back and it has been an excellent experience in terms of quality and support. No more store bought soda, great natural fruit fizz indulgence with a bonus of healthy gut. Definitely worth every effort. All queries answered on WhatsApp and the e-booklet with clear instructions is an excellent tool

  14. Masi

    Really high quality milk and water kefir grains. They also give proper support and guidance and clear all doubts one might have while making the culture. The delivery is also quite fast. Definitely go for them.

  15. Raj

    I am very satisfied with the purchase. The culture has multiplied four times in a short period. My recommendations
    Full cream milk with malai.
    2 batches 12 hours each with culture. Second fermentation 12 hours without culture.
    Use big eyed strainer. First tap on the sides low amplitude high frequency holding the strainer with a slight slant instead of using the wooden spoon.
    The strainer given by Darshan was of good quality but did not serve the purpose. I use my wide eyed strainer and it takes only 3 to 4 mins.
    No need to wash the bottle often.
    Wishes to all to consume probiotic milk for better immunity.

  16. Divya

    Amazing kefir grains. And the team supports very well. I had all my doubts cleared. And I’ve been very happy with their service. Probably the only ones I found online to deliver perfect kefir grains. Also arrived very fast.

  17. VGV

    I ordered the kefir grains from them and made my first batch of water kefir and it was sooo worth it. Never going back to artificial sodas

  18. Shiva

    Hello everyone, I was searching for “the best drink for gut health” in Google and I came about to know about kefir milk and it’s amazing benefits. So I searched about the kefir grains and I came across happy live cultures website and I liked the information posted on it and it had a good feedback, so i thought of giving it a try and ordered milk kefir grains.
    I got the grains delivered on time in very well packaged container. Since I have purchased kefir grains for very first time still I had small doubt about how kefir grains going to be and whether I can able to do the fermenting process properly and get it right. But believe me, just in a week we can able to notice increase in size of the grains and quality of grain is top notch.
    And finally most important of all is the Darshan Saravanan sir, he is really a gem of person and even though he provides all the information and instruction manual still he will be there to guide us with all fermenting related process and responds to our queries and doubts at point of time.
    I will definitely recommend everyone to give a try and the kefir milk taste like the best creamy yoghurt you ever had. Really happy and satisfied with the product and their way of services

  19. Sam

    Good experience ! Kefir grains are working properly , getting carbonation, will experiment with flavours now

  20. Begum

    Customer service at Happy live cultures is amazing. Darshan was extremely helpful. I had purchased the readymade kefir drink, which was really yum, and I had bought the grains as well, which are also really good!
    I’ve been making and having kefir using those grains every single day since I got them! Love kefir a lot now. Can’t get enough of it :’) Would definitely recommend Happy Live Cultures for kefir grains.

  21. Shetty

    Recently bought coconut water kefir grains from them. These are very good quality healthy grains, after making a few batches now I feel very confident with the process. Thanks to Darshan for providing such a great customer support and clearing all my doubts. The drink comes out fizzy and crisp just like a store bought bottle. The grain size has also increased after few uses. I highly recommend Happy live cultures.

  22. Jose

    I have purchased Kefir grains from them, and am quite happy with it. The delivery was super quick, which was really convenient (so you don’t have to worry about the grains).
    Also, you get constant help from the team – from the process on how to make kefir to taking care of it.

  23. Sonia

    Incredible customer experience with Darshan, and the quality of the grains is really good, mine have already started multiplying in less than a week, started looking like cauliflower florets. I bought water and milk kefir grains and both are doing doing very well, I’m trying the kombucha scoby and the fermenting has just begun, but it looked healthy!

    Definitely recommend buying from here!

  24. Sharoff

    Quite satisfied with the grains and the service recieved. Darshan is quite helpful. He’s not just looking to sell. He helps you out with all ur queries to his best ..
    I recieved the grains well packed and with a wooden spoon and strainer.
    It’s been a month now. My kefir grains have grown and healthy and not to mention the drink is delicious and healthy!:)

  25. Prasad

    Thanking Darshan for providing me with Kefir grains and kefir milk during the initial or beginning phase of my kefir journey. Darshan helped me during the entire process of fermenting the kefir grains taking through each step and providing all the required information and sharing his knowledge through which i am now able to make kefir milk batches everyday. Would recommend everyone to buy kefir grains from Happy Live Cultures.

  26. Pooja

    The kefir milk grains we received were of good quality. Have been using it for days now and no problem so far.
    The follow up was really good and the team promptly responded to our queries. Would definitely recommend.

  27. Maadan

    The experience has been amazing.I purchased water kefir grains and Darshan has been proactively helping me with my every question .Kefir grains are of top quality .
    He shared the videos and Pdf about the kefir that has been helpful and even after my purchase he asked me to show the grains picture ,just to ensure everything is in right place .
    I will definitely recommend this to everyone.

  28. Mujeeb

    I bought two varieties of Kefir Grains, the tender coconut and the milk variant. Both I cultured the same time and the result was excellent. I definitely will recommend to my friends. This is the natural way of developing probiotics.

  29. Rashmi

    These grains are healthy ones. We started making kefir right from the day we received the grains and I could make first batch on the next day easily.It’s almost 3 weeks I have been making kefir.My grains became double in quantity. The manual shared with us was very helpful..

  30. Suhas

    Came across happy live culture when I wanted to buy scobby for kamboocha tea, then went through their website and got to know about other varients which are having more gut flora than kamboocha, which happens to be Kefir. Their website has good details about the benifits that kefir offers and we were happy to know that they had all varities of kefir.
    We immediately called them and placed the order and got the delivery in 2 days. The packaging was excellent and grains are of good quality. Mr Darshan was very responsive and answered all our queries patiently.
    The after sale support is also very good, they guided us while preparing our first batch and also suggested us some flavouring to get adjusted to kefir drink if you are a beginner.
    Having kefir since 2 days, I will update the changes I notice post having it for some days.
    Kefir does have lot more benifits than yogurt or curd, nowadays gut health is being linked to many diseases, specially if you have had a dose of antibiotics, probiotics is a must.
    Kefir is one time investment and I would definitely recommend happy live culture to buy Kefir.

  31. Moonim

    Ordered 3 cultures with a lot of trepidation, but reassurance from Darshan. And he has proved true to his promise. He continues with his support and as a result I am successful in getting my kefir curd regularly. And the grains are healthy and seem to be growing. Keeping my fingers crossed for the Kombucha scoby and water grains that I yet have to start with. Thank you Darshan.

  32. Tas

    First time buying kefir grains. Came across their website and ordered. Very good quality grains and fast delivery. Also they explain the whole process. Very satisfied. Would recommend you to go for it.

  33. Pushpam

    I have bought Milk Kefir grains from Happy Live Cultures first time after knowing about the benefits of Kefir. It is not even a month and I am enjoying the Kefir. Thanks to Darshan for providing the guidelines for making Kefir and answering all my queries whenever required. I am trying to search more recipes of Kefir and hope to continue to make kefir regularly. Just that courier service was not good but the Kefir grains were still good. Thanks HLC 👍

  34. Deo

    I purchased milk kefir grains from Happy Live Cultures. Darshan was very prompt & friendly in responding to my questions, very helpful in explaining the entire process of using the grains to make my own kefir. The shipment was also dispatched promptly, arrived in good condition. Will definitely recommend.

  35. Shreya

    I bought the water/coconut Kefir grains for my 5 year old golden retriever.
    The grains are fabulous!😍
    I’ve been using them for 10 days now. Super easy to make, and the health benefits are immense. My dog’s gut already seems healthier. His energy levels have increased and he looks visibly more active! ❤️

  36. Diya

    I came accross Happy live cultures while I was hunting for Kafir milk grains in Bangalore and failed to get it delivered from any online website.
    I read about them online and contacted .
    The best part was the quick response and delivery .
    I got the delivery the same day I ordered it and the quality is really good . M very new to this product and hoping to like it but the services I got from this group was very satisfactory. I have already referred their website to a couple of friends .
    Thank you and all the best Happy live cultures !!

  37. Disha

    Darshan was most helpful in dispatching kefir grains in a timely manner, whilst also handholding with any queries we had re preparation of the same. We truly appreciate it and would recommend happy live cultures highly! Thank you ❤️

  38. Ramu

    I’ve ordered the kefir grains and kombucha scoby form happylivecultures.It is in good condition. And I am new to this grains brewing, the manuals provided by them was very useful. Do order and be healthy.

  39. Pai

    Happy Live Cultures delivers quality product, prompt service, guides you through every step of getting a perfectly fermented, balanced, healthy kefir drink. Ordered coconut kefir drink, milk kefir drink, both tasted really awesome.
    Purchased milk kefir grains and Mr.Satya and Darshan were very friendly in responding to my questions.Mr.Satya explained the entire process of using the grains to make my own kefir. The shipment was carefully packed and dispatched promptly, arrived in good condition. Will definitely recommend them to all who want to have a healthy GUT.🙏

  40. Sam

    Bought water kefir, all process till first ferment is complete. Thanks for all the support at all times. Hope this helps me with some good health benefits. Will soon try milk kefir grains too. Thanks Darshan for your help

  41. Asha

    Tastes wonderful 👍🏻👌👌, fizzy, sour with a very mild kick. Thanks Dharshan for guiding me and starting off on my Kombuchaaaa 🙏 train.

  42. Zalak

    I was looking for kefir grains in India and stumbled upon happy live cultures. On messaging Darshan was quick to respond and answered all my queries. Product was received on time and in good condition. I have already made two batches. So far so good. Will update with long term experience in sometime.

  43. Shri

    I have purchased coconut kefir grains few weeks back. And since then had been fermenting the coconut water with kefir grains repeating batches. It tastes good as expected. Kids drink as well. Go for it if you want to boost your immunity. The site can be trusted!!

  44. Sunam

    Placed my order for kefir milk grains and I immediately got it delivered – with a whole kit, which was really helpful since I’m making kefir milk at home for the first time. They even guided me as to how to make it. Super helpful will definitely buy from here again!

  45. Gupta

    I was highly apprehensive at first( as the web is full of fraudsters)and was just inquiring about milk kefir grains. In the process I had a chat with Mr. Darshan and his proactive approach and confidence regarding the quality of his products when convinced me to try his services I don’t know. The package was delivered in just 2days the packing of the product was very good👍. I have kept my first batch hope it comes out good I have my fingers crossed darshan is already sure it will.
    P. S. – With the handholding approach of Mr Darshan it is very difficult to get anything wrong even for a newbie like me😇

  46. Kumar

    I was wondering what it might be, Kefir, the goodness, quality, taste, appearance etc.
    Then I got contact with Mr. Dharsan, nice boy, quick response and narration. I was very happy to hear from him.
    I ordered the kefir grains at once.
    The srevice as well as the grains is very good.

    And I am very happy to order another unit now itself for my friend.

  47. Ane

    Thank you Darshan for this kefir grains.. It’s an easy process and smooth to make the Milk Kefir.. Looking forward to the benefits it provides..

  48. Tia

    We are using the water kefir and we are drinking it in as a first thing in the morning. We drink including our 13 year old daughter. I have introduced kefir my sister and her family as well. I truly believe that all our gut health is improving much better. Highly recommend to all. Thanks to Darshan Anna for a complete support for all our doubts and clarification.

  49. MTR

    Received the Kombucha SCOBY, milk and water Kefir grains on time and in good condition. Started the third batch of Kefir today. The seller also gave good support via WhatsApp answering all the questions related making Kefir. Overall happy with the purchase

  50. Tezy

    Super product. My kefir making skills were greatly helped along by Darshans patience . He answered all my questions and helped me.make my own water . Totally worth buying from Happy Live Cultures.

  51. Venu

    I just recently learned about the benefits of kefir. And was happy to know that people can buy it locally. I got immediate service, simple instructions and walk thru help because I am trying it for the first time. Very resourceful company. A must try for anyone who had health conditions. I am also suggesting it to my patients as a doctor to improve overall health of the body when it suffers from poor diet and lack of nutrition that we all have these days.

  52. Raj

    he grains are of good quality. They ferment pretty quickly within a span of 48 hours. The customer service is also great. They respond immediately when notified.

  53. Kaku

    The grain which I get is totally pure and healthy . Packaging is mind blowing the grains are safe when I get it . Thanks so much darshan for all this service you are nice guy and true jentlemen for me. Now grains are healthy and multiple day by day agin thanks Darshan and trustworthy person.

  54. darshanHLC

    It was first suggested by my friends👭👬👫, she got kefir grains from Tamilnadu, salem, I placed order, and got a wonderful guide Darshan , replied to all my quaries.. It’s wonder ful.. After my covid infection, I needed immunity booster. and am sure , your kefir will provide me support for my IBS also
    Thank you… All the best for Happy Live Culture

  55. pandia

    It was first suggested by my friends👭👬👫, she got kefir grains from Tamilnadu, salem, I placed order, and got a wonderful guide Darshan , replied to all my quaries.. It’s wonder ful.. After my covid infection, I needed immunity booster. and am sure , your kefir will provide me support for my IBS also
    Thank you… All the best for Happy Live Culture

  56. Dolly Gupta

    I ordered kefir from HLC 5 days ago, received yesterday, well packed, and considering the distance, it was an amazing delivery. The kefir grains I received are amazing. Small and eating milk in just few hours. And the kefir milk tasted Amazing ❤️

  57. Nirupuma

    Love the milk kefir made from the received milk kefir grains.
    Received the grains on the same day I requested for the same through WhatsApp.Very swift service.
    Also I feel proud that it’s available locally in Bangalore.

  58. Manoj

    Have been using kefir for making curds. You can use slim milk or thick fat milk, to get desired strength curds. Tried all variants, next will try A2 milk. Good to drink a glass of buttermilk mid day, and use little curds in you lunch meal.

  59. Punya das

    Very happy with the quality of the milk kefir grains. They are healthy, grow well, and make excellent kefir. Big thumbs up from my side.

  60. Marion

    I ordered Scoby, Waterkefir and Coconutkefir culture. I am very happy with all these products and brew delicious fermented drinks with these cultures. Delivery was safe and very fast. I highly recommend these cultures.

  61. Geetha

    Extremely satisfied with the Milk Kefir Grains I got.. The grains were packaged very carefully and the grains were big and healthy. Thank you!

  62. Govindarajan Chetty

    Good one

  63. Jerrin (verified owner)

    Genuinely a honest review, I honestly thought this company was a scam because everything seemed too good to be true, the cheap price, the very supportive customer service, everything looked too perfect, but I was wrong. I am seriously impressed by the level of supportiveness from the customer representative, honesty about everything, the cheap price of the products, the dedication, pretty fast delivery. Now I see why this company has literally full on 5 stars everywhere on all platforms. Props to Vishwas and to everyone behind the scenes. Even though the delivery isn’t connected to them, I still received my order within 2 days and needless to say, I’m very satisfied with the product.

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