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Frequently Asked Questions About Kefir

Best kefir grains in India?

Happy live cultures supply the best kefir grains in India because this is sourced from Australia. We assure you to give the best quality grains.

How to make kefir grains?

Kefir grains cannot be made; it has to be sourced initially.

How to make kefir grains from scratch?

It cannot be made from scratch. The grains are mother cultures that have to be sourced.

How to make kefir without grains?

Making kefir without Grains is not possible.

How to make kefir yogurt?

By getting grains from us after fermenting it you can make a kefir yogurt out of it.

How to grow kefir grains?

Once you get the Grains from us every time you feed them milk, They keep growing.

Where do kefir grains come from?

They come from the Caucasus mountains. These cranes existed thousands of years before. which still exists. happy live culture has the best Grains and serves them to customers

How to make kefir without grains?

Making Kefir without grains is not possible.

Where to buy kefir grains?

You can buy the best quality grains in India at HLC.

Best kefir grains in India?

Best kefir grains are supplied by happy live cultures in India.

Buy Live Kefir grains?

We pack and sell only live kefir grains.

How long can kefir grains last in the fridge?

The Grains can last up to two months in the refrigerator. ( general compartment )

How to tell if milk kefir grains are dead?

The grains turn a pinkish color which means that they are dead.

Why are my water kefir grains getting smaller?

If the grains are not sourced from a good place the grains tend to shrink.

Why are my grains shrinking or small?

Buy good quality mother culture from Happy Live Culture.

Do Kefir Grains Multiply?

Yes, milk kefir grains do multiply if sourced from a good Vendor. (Happy Live Cultures)

How to activate kefir grains?

You don’t need to activate our grains, we sell only live Grains. Which is not required to activate.

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