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Buy Water Kefir Grains – Organic & Live Cultures

You can make your own diary-free water kefir probiotic rich drink,  water kefir and fruit juice kefir at your home by purchasing organic kefir starter grains online from us!

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(FREE: Double mesh strainer, Instruction manual & courier service)


We accept order over Online /Whatsapp / Email.

  1. We ship all over India.
  2. Payment to be done through Google Pay / PayTm / Bank Transfer while ordering. Please share complete address details through WhatsApp.
  3. On receipt of payment, we ship within 24 hours (same or next working day) and share the consignment copy with tracking details.
  4. Our starter Kefir grains will be live and active upto 18 days in the parcel.
  5. It will reach within 2-5 days based on your location.
  6. If it does not reach before 18th day from the date of dispatch, we will send a replacement on 19th day.
  7. The courier tracking will be online.
  8. We pack starter in the BPA free pet bottles with sealed air tight cap.


  • Package contains Gluten free water kefir grains & FREE Double Mesh Strainer.
  • Size of the grains – 2mm to 5 mm.
  • These grains can be used to ferment jaggery, sugar, fruit juices, and tender coconut water.
  • Kefir grains are reusable and grows well provided the right feed and atmosphere.
  • 2 tablespoon kefir grains can ferment up to 1/2 liter daily.
  • We send by courier safely packed, the grains will be fresh, active and healthy up to 15 days in transit.
  • The courier will reach within 2-3 working days from the date of dispatch.


  • We send by speed post / courier within same or next working day
  • We pack the water kefir grains in a food safety plastic container mixed with jaggery to be nourished in transit.
  • The kefir will be safe in packing for 15 days, the courier will reach within 2-5 working days anywhere in India.
  • Once you receive you it, unpack, strain the water kefir grains and add to the fermenting jar with 200-500 ml of room temperature water and jaggery/sugar solution.
  • Ferment for 24 hours and separate the kefir water and kefir grains following the instructions.


  • Live Bigger sized Grains (High Quality Grains)
  • Cultured with organic milk (Green grass fed cows milk)
  • No artificial sweeteners added
  • Kefir grains & Kefir drinks to Nutritionists and Doctors
  • Build Immunity & Fights Allergy
  • We provide service all over India
  • We are FSSAI Registered
  • We are SSL Certified
  • We use organic products during the process of fermentation
  • We provide Free Double mesh strainer, Instruction, E-Book & Courier Charges
  • We provide best quality grains in the market with extra good bacterial strains
  • We pack it air tight with five layer protection
  • If any questions or queries you can contact us: 8762683236



  • Clean Glass Jar (Jar mouth to be wide enough to put your fingers/scrubber to wash thoroughly)
  • A plastic/nylon strainer (Double mesh nylon strainer is best to separate the grains and ready kefir milk.)
  • Kitchen Towel / Close knit cloth (To avoid house flies and dust)
  • Rubber Band (To tighten the cloth covering the jar mouth)
  • Plastic/wooden Spoon ( to separate the grains and kefir milk while seiving)


  • Water Kefir Grains
  • 500 ml of drinking water
  • 3-4 Tablespoon of Organic sugar / Jaggery Powder


Preparation Method Of water Kefir

  1. Add 1/2 liter of drinking and 3-4 tablespoon of sugar/organic jaggery powder to the jar and stir well.
  2. Place the water kefir grains in the sweet water.
  3. Cover the jar mouth securely with clean kitchen cloth and secure with the rubber band.
  4. Place the jar in a well ventilated place in your kitchen until the kefir is cultured, minimum for 24-48 hours. You can smell sourness, tastes bit vinegary and sweetness reduced.
  5. Now, you can separate the water and kefir grains using the strainer and plastic spoon.
  6. You can  repeat the process for next batch by place kefir grains directly into a fresh, clean jar and pour sweet water.


  • kefir is more beneficial than yogurt
  • kefir is rich source of nutrition and also improves lactose intolerance and boosts vital energy’s
  • Kefir improves gut and digestive system and balances the appetite
  • kefir strengthens bones and lower the risk of osteoporosis
  • kefir workout for weight loss and lower the risk of obesity
  • kefir improves skin and helps for anti aging fitness
  • kefir may help you to get rid of asthma
  • kefir improves digestive system and helps to cure irritable bowl system
  • kefir improves immune system and fight against infection and allergies
  • kefir improves gut health and aligns the digestive organs
  • kefir is good remedy to cure acne
  • kefir may reduce insulin resistance and lower the risk of diabetes
  • kefir controls blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol
  • kefir is rich in calcium protein vitamin b12 vitamin k and biotin
  • kefir helps in stress management and other anxiety issues

Disclaimer : The information on our website is not purposed to replace professional medical diagnosis, treatment or even advice. You should always consult a qualified healthcare professional with questions about any medical condition. The information provided is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment. 

Always seek the guidance of a qualified health provider before making any adjustments to medications or treatments or when starting new medications or treatments. The Food and Drug Administration or any official accredited government food safety regulators have NOT evaluated statements contained herein. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. (Matru Probiotic Cultures) does not accept any responsibility for any harm or loss from the information provided and products offered on this website which may result from failure to consult with the appropriate health authorities, and readers are solely responsible for the risk of any such injuries that may arise from these circumstances. All information is provided for informational purposes only.
“Good Health Starts From Strong Gut.” — Darshan Saravana


  1. darshanHLC


  2. Robert

    I used a filter so as to strain between the batches. You can try it with a fine cloth or a coffee filter too. The quality is loveable. For the first 4 batches I have made, is see the strength and quality to be too good. Look at the amount of grains that you see in the bottom of the cup. That is strength.

  3. Robert

    I used a filter so as to strain between the batches. You can try it with a fine cloth or a coffee filter too. The quality is loveable. The first 4 batches I have made see the strength and quality to be too good. Look at the number of grains that you see at the bottom of the cup. That is strength.

  4. Priyanka

    This one seems to be an awesome product. Worked just right away. Initially I didn’t follow the seller’s card but I got assistance from my friend who recommended this. She was 100% right. My kefr formed in just about 38 hours or so. Simply put, it is a frizzy drink. I am innovative in everything so, I made it into a sweet lemon juice adding a few lemons. One hint here for the others, though. Keep it open for some time and you will see the smell to disappear for you to drink it.

  5. Priyanka

    This one seems to be an awesome product. Worked just right away. Initially, I didn’t follow the seller’s card but I got assistance from my friend who recommended this. She was 100% right. My kefr formed in just about 38 hours or so. Simply put, it is a frizzy drink. I am innovative in everything so, I made it into a sweet lemon juice adding a few lemons. One hint here for the others, though. Keep it open for some time and you will see the smell disappear for you drink it.

  6. Ravi

    I liked to starter kit that impressed me to go ahead further. Later I realized that it is just because of the good quality grains that I got. Otherwise, things could have been difficult. Yes, it tried another cheaper one which I got locally, and that didn’t work or seem to work at all. I came back to these sellers who are not only offering good grains but also good services. Full marks for their packaging, too.

  7. Mallika arjun

    I find these grains to be nice. I have prepared more than 4 batches that are getting better and better every time as I learn something or the other with every endeavor. I enjoy this healthy hobby in the first place and realized that this has brought in some positive change and boosted in confidence levels in me. One thing I would like to say is thanks for your efforts.

  8. John

    Firstly, I have to congratulate the sellers for the detailed note that helped me the most to use it wisely. It works. Still, I had a few questions though. So, I called their customer service WhatsApp line, and they answered politely. Now using kefir water has become a daily routine for me. Thank you very much.

  9. Raghav

    I was skeptical about this kefir making stuff at first. It is so simple and easy to follow as such when you get used to this. I got every my first batch of ferment to be reasonably better in quality. Grains, strainer and jaggery. That is all you need. Now, I like the flavor too.

  10. Aditya

    There is no need to add more sugar in these good grains. It took just about 7 to 8 minutes for me to prepare the kefr water. The fermentation took long time. I had to wait for more than 33 hours. When you want something healthier then you will have to do at least this. Right?!

  11. Himanshu Sharma

    Water kefr drink is not a cure for IBS, I knew that already, but I realized that it helps me a lot in normalizing my gut. For those who are having IBS like me, this drink helps immensely, and I am living proof of that. I had a lot of doubts initially when I got this for the first time. Whatsaap answers from the sellers are so helpful.

  12. Balaji

    For all the fitness enthusiasts like me and for those who are spending a lot of time in front of the desktop, I would say, this is the real deal. It worked wonders in fact. Now, I don’t regret bigger assignments dumped on me by my mentors. I make more money and win more laurels in the workplace. My system works calmly and coolly devoid of acid reflux symptoms. Try it.

  13. Prameela Bhatt

    I come from a bit orthodoxed background, and I am picky in whatever I choose to eat or drink. This kefr grains are not bad. I think, it aligns my digestive organs of the body better. For those who suffer from lactose intolerance, this one is an ideal vegan option with rich source of nutrition.

  14. Chetan Datta

    3 months now, I realize that iam handling anxiety issues better and managing stressful situations with better agility as I find myself cool and composed with better ability to focus on things of top priority. Seriously, I realize the link between intestinal health and mental peace. You will be surprised too when you try it for about 3 months. FYKI, I didn’t like it for 2 weeks earlier.

  15. Rakesh

    It took time and tested my patience initially. Later I found it is so simple and it is my outlook and prejudice that had to be changed. To prevent the risk of diabetes and to cut down insulin resistance rates, my health mentors suggested me this. I am very grateful to them.

  16. Tamichelvan

    I am happy with the purchase. I am used to make varied fermented drinks already. This one is smaller and still works well. They grow well as they get acclimated. My aim is to control hypertension and that is where I see this to be a win-win.

  17. Sheela

    Instructions in the kit were detailed and I just followed the same. Organic cane sugar and spring water is all I used. I found the active grains thriving, and now it provides a lot of entertainment as well. It is a nice feeling to see the bobbing grains. The kefir is great. Earlier I liked the yogurt cultures and now this one. Thanks.

  18. Gavrav

    I was told to try this to fight against the infections and allergens. I see myself healthier in these 3 months. It is a short time span but I see a boost in my immune system for sure. Surprisingly my colleague also finds it to be a good remedy to cure acne. I love it.

  19. Gavrav

    I was told to try this to fight against infections and allergens. I see myself healthier in these 3 months. It is a short time span but I see a boost in my immune system for sure. Surprisingly my colleague also finds it to be a good remedy to cure acne. I love it.

  20. Richard

    Great quality! After activating it took some time for me to prepare a few batches. It tastes good and bubbly. The refreshing taste is really awesome. I think I followed the directions completely. I feel like I have found something remarkable in my life.

  21. Asif,

    Kefr improved my digestive system. My gut health is improved. My appetite is balanced. What more can I expect for this small amount of money and time that I spend in growing this fermented, bubbly and flavor rich beverage. I strongly recommend this to the others too.

  22. Bharat

    I didn’t expect this kefir to work so well. I have no more acid reflux problems despite working for so many hours in front of the system. Earlier I have tried some yoghurt cultures too. This seems to be far better in standards and the flavor is also loveable. Don’t miss these IT bros.

  23. Raja

    All my team members love this and got used to his hobby of growing kefir now. We like it for two reasons. It helps us to cut down weight and we don’t have to fall victim to obesity-related issues. More importantly, there are no frequent mood swings. I remain cool, calm, and collected. Thanks, kefir.

  24. Santosh

    Irritable bowel syndrome, IBS, whether you might have heard about it or not, to not to face such issues, I would suggest this kefir. Yes, it worked for me. I believe it would work well in your case too. Don’t mind the time and money spent as it is totally worth it. Now, I feel a lot better with kefr transcending my life.

  25. Suleiman

    The illustration presented in the package is vital. I read it and followed the instructions closely. It worked well only after I got some help from my sister. Now, it is bubbly and flavor rich. I suggest you to spend that time considering its potential health benefits. You won’t regret it.

  26. Wasim iqbal

    The best part about this kefr is that it is rich in biotin, calcium, and vitamin b12. I realized this only after 3 months of regular test results that shown significant improvement. The money and time spent towards growing kefr is completely worth it. Don’t miss it.

  27. Qadar

    I got a chance to make my own dairy free probiotic water. I don’t think it is tough as some people find it to be. In fact, both water kefir and the super flavored fruit juice kefir are my favorites. To know more about the usage and the ways to grow kefir grains, take help from these guys around. I did that too.

  28. Sathish

    To not to waste our time and grains the best thing I would suggest you is to get help from these most amiable people. I found them on whatsaap at once and my queries were answered then and there. Without them I would have discontinued my efforts. Luckily, I knew the knack now and it is silly simple. Learn, grow, and live happily.

  29. Sridhar, Bangalore

    It works. It is my personal opinion that you need to know the right amount of kefir drink that you shall consume. The amount of grains contained in it, as well as the fermentation methods that you follow, will have an influence in the quality outcome. So, to get desired results as you want, it is good to seek guidance from the support team as I did.

  30. Guna

    I can realize the higher energy and improved digestion after drinking it in these few months. I skipped a few days in between as that is my nature to be sloppy in many things I do. I think if you follow the instructions more attentively, then you would see even better results.

  31. Damodar Rao, Hyderabad

    Proper digestion is the crucial aspect for our overall well being. A lot of people do not know about that or undermine this fact during many phases of their life time for one reason or the other. I realized this too late, though. That is why I suggest you the water kefir drink and benefit out of it, as earlier as possible.

  32. Nitish

    I learnt the dos and donts of preparing the kefir drinks absolutely now. Yes, it took a lot of time for me as iam a slow learner. My friends did it so faster and that is the reason I didn’t give it up. Once you relish the benefits of the kefir drink then you would not look for alternatives. I bet on that part.

  33. Rajasekar

    I did not know that preparing a delicious kefir drink is so easier that too from my own yard. These grains as soon as I receive the delivery, I found them to be activated at once. I used it right away. I had to read the guide’s instructions several times before I achieved fruitful result, though.

  34. Swetha

    Earlier I bought it from Mumbai and the grains were smaller to only disappear eventually. This time I purchased this only because of my sisters compulsion but it is awesome. I should thank my sister first for having recommended this supplier who is not too commercial minded. My gastric issues don’t bother me much anymore.

  35. Sagar

    3 months now, I started to low this super kefir drink that has made my system work in rhythm. Yes, my body and mind works in sync in the past few weeks and I can feel it. I recommend this to my stressed up tech team 🙂

  36. Renuka

    Polysaccharides! Yes, it is all about that in the granules. I think I am lucky. Water kefir works for reducing asthma symptoms or not? Personally I had this question earlier but not anymore. I found myself to be a lot better and comfortable now with water kefir changing my life bit by bit.

  37. Ratnamma

    Good bacteria are my target to make sure that my intestine is healthier. I trusted this concept and I found this to work wonders. Thanks for the high quality grains delivered quicker and alive. If not then I could not have capitalized on this offer to benefit this much. Now, I offer this best beverage to my elder sister too. She enjoys the benefits and appreciates my help. Spread love has water kefir to combat lactose intolerance

  38. Manjunatha

    I had this problem of lactose intolerance for so long and wondering what on earth would come for my rescue and when. Thanks GOD! I found this kefir and it has become part of my diurnal routine these days. I don’t mind spending some time in the preparation part as it is interesting too.

  39. Sasi

    Prompt suppliers. Great delivery. I got my grains active. I like the bubbly texture in particular. The best part is iam able to change my acid filled bloated stomach to a neat, smooth and calm part of my body. I feel it and enjoy this change as it allows me to freely sleep, sit and enjoy Television series.

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