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How Does Kefir Help With Weight Loss

How Does Kefir Help With Weight Loss

Obesity and bad eating habits are two main reasons leading to many health issues like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. In this situation, weight loss is of prime concern to get your health back in place. While there is no one-time solution for weight loss once you gain it, sating active and healthy eating habits is of much help. 

Kefir and Weight Loss  

Probiotics are becoming very popular these days due to their ability to offer the essential body microorganisms required for gut health and vitamins and minerals for the body. They can also keep your hunger away for a long time. Kefir- a fermented milk product, is one such probiotic highly in use. Just like yogurt, it differs only in nutritional value and the benefits you achieve for your weight loss program. 

Benefits of Kefir in losing weight

You can avail yourself of four weight loss benefits from the intake of kefir.

  1. Rich in weight loss proteins– Kefir is made from milk and comes with almost a similar nutrient composition. It is rich in casein, which is known to promote gastric emptying time, and whey, which helps in weight loss. 
  2. Calcium- Kefir is rich in calcium, essential for improving your bone health and easing fat breakdown, thus helping you lose weight.
  3. Good Probiotic blend – Probiotics in kefir boosts gut health which in turn aids food metabolism and fat breakdown.
  4. Nutrient-rich product- While kefir is rich in nutrients like other dairy products, it can also be consumed by lactose intolerant people. 


Along with the nutritional composition of kefir, the healthy bacteria present in it are good for the body in many ways, helping to lose weight. So if you are currently on a weight loss program, go ahead with the intake of kefir and enjoy.

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