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How to make Coconut Milk Kefir

Are you lactose intolerant? Dairy kefir is indeed not for you. But what if you are a kefir fan and sad to part ways with it? Keeping your health and love for kefir in concern, here is a non-dairy Coconut milk kefir recipe just for you. 

Option 1- Use milk kefir grains

It comes with minimal dairy. Here is a step-by-step guide to this recipe:

  1. It is recommended to use a whole coconut. Break the coconut into two halves and extract the coconut milk either with a mixer or blender. You can use a little water while carrying ahead with the extraction. 
  2. Transfer this coconut milk to the fermenting jar, and add milk kefir grains to it. Stir with a plastic spoon and cover the mouth of the jar with a clean cloth. Tighten using a rubber band.
  3. Let it ferment for a day. You may find coconut milk and water to separate. 
  4. Sieve the kefir grains properly with a double mesh nylon strainer and use a container to collect the coconut milk. 
  5. Transfer the kefir grains into cow milk as this will make the grains healthy and also feed them with lactose for the next 24 hours. Use a strainer to collect the kefir grains. You can also discard the kefir milk now. 
  6. You can use the kefir grains again for another batch of coconut milk and repeat the process as needed. 

If you receive the milk kefir grains from us, it is a must to put these grains first in cow’s milk and then go ahead making coconut milk kefir from the next batch onwards. 

Option 2- Use fermented water kefir

One of the best and simplest ways to prepare coconut milk kefir is fully dairy free.

  1. Take 200 ml water, add about 3 tablespoons of organic jaggery powder to it and mix well. Transfer this to a glass jar. 
  2. Add the water kefir grains to the jar, and use a cloth to cover the jar’s mouth with a rubber band. 
  3. Ferment for about 24 hours to 36 hours. Separate the kefir grains once you find the water kefir fermentation is done. 
  4. Use a strainer to separate the kefir grains from fermented water.
  5. Your water kefir is ready. Store in the fridge and enjoy using. 

Make Coconut milk kefir with water kefir.

  1. Use a good whole coconut, and extract the milk from it.
  2. Add about 50ml of ready water kefir to 250ml of coconut milk. Mix well in a glass jar.
  3. Cover the mouth of the jar with a piece of clean cloth and fasten using a rubber band.
  4. Ferment for about 24 hours until you find the coconut milk and water separated. 
  5. Your coconut milk kefir is all ready to use. 
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