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Understanding the Side Effects of Kefir

Side Effects of Kefir Drink

Kefir consists of a large population of probiotics that improves gut health by increasing the number of good microbes and reducing the number of harmful microbes in the gut. 

Though it benefits human health, sometimes people can face some health issues after consuming a lot of kefir for quite a long time.

Here are some reported side effects and how you can deal with them

  • Constipation, flatulence & bloating

Sometimes, an introduction to good bacterial families can cause constipation and bloating if the digestive tract is overpopulated with bad bacteria. If you are encountering the same, increasing the amount of dietary probiotics is advised. And also, one should start slowly with kafir. You can start from 25ml per day. 

  • Acne and skin irritation

It can happen if a lactose-intolerant person consumes milk kefir. It is advised to ferment the drink for an additional 4 to 8 hours. Thus, the lactose will be completely broken into lactic acid. 

  • Stomach growling or loose motion/diarrhea

It indicates that the harmful bacteria in your gut are dying and creating an inflammatory reaction. To deal with this, start with a small amount of kefir until your body gets habituated.

  • Dizziness or headaches

To avoid this, don’t consume completely fermented milk or water kefir. So, you’ll get a lesser dosage of probiotics until your body gets habituated. 

Ending words

Kefir is good for health as it is stuffed with probiotics. start slowly and increase your Kefir gradually. Also, you can choose milk or water kefir according to your preference.

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