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Milk Kefir vs Water Kefir- Which is Better ?

There are two types of kefir available. The first one is the milk kefir, the most common one, and the second is the water kefir. 

What are the differences between these two varieties? 

Here, we have mentioned some differences between these two so that you can choose which one is better for you.

  • The water kefir is translucent, gelatinous, and consists of symbiotic colonies of bacteria and yeast, including lactobacillus and hilgardii. This is usually used to make probiotic beverages. On the other hand, Milk kefir combines the colony of bacteria or yeast with milk proteins.
  • Milk kefir tastes like yogurt, which has a creamy texture. This is especially known for improving gut health, even for lactose-intolerant people. Water kefir is something the same but without lactose.
  • Water kefir is usually cultured by mixing it with jaggery water, coconut water, or sugar water. Milk kefir is usually cultured by introducing it to dairy milk or coconut milk.
  • The fermentation period of milk kefir is between 1-3 days, whereas, in the case of water kefir, it is between 1 to 4 days. Also, water kefir is easier to maintain. 
  • Though both are highly nutritional, according to scientists, milk kefir is more nutritional than water kefir as milk is present there, which is the source of calcium, zinc, magnesium, and some other important vitamins. Water kefir also has other advantages, as it can help to limit your food craving and help you to keep your body weight on track. Good for vegans.

Both of them have pros and cons, and you must choose according to your diet preferences.

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