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IBD Kefir’s effect on Ulcer Colitis and Crohn’s Disease Treatment – Kefir Benefits

What is Ulcer Colitis Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD & Crohn’s Disease?)

It is an inflammatory bowel disease that causes severe inflammation or wounds on the gut wall, especially the large intestine. It can cause discomfort and pain. It also affects digestion and the absorption of nutrients.

What is it caused by? 

This issue is majorly caused by harmful bacteria that can lie and multiply within the gut wall and create wounds there. On the other hand, it also can occur when the immune system starts to attack the gut lining. It can happen if the person has an auto-immune disorder. Consuming unhealthy food items can increase the number of bad bacteria in the gut, and as a result, this issue can occur.

How can Kefir help to heal Ulcerative Colitis?

Increasing probiotics

Probiotics will help reduce the number of bad bacteria and microbes in your gut, eventually reducing inflammation. It will help to rebuild the gut microbiome.

Strengthen Immune System

It can regulate the immune functions so that the immune system can properly defer between body functions and other harmful activities.

Anti-diarrheal properties

Kefir is stuffed with probiotic lactobacillus, which is proven to help intestinal regulation and has anti-diarrheal properties. It will reduce intestinal pain and discomfort.

Inhibits H Pylori

H.Pylori is one of the main reasons for inflammation in the gut lining, and Kefir is proven to inhibit this bacteria.

Anti-inflammatory properties

According to the studies, Kefir has anti-inflammatory properties that can inhibit the production of inflammatory cytokines.