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Kefir for Hair Growth: Benefits and Uses

Probiotics in Kefir Promotes Hair Health

There have been some studies that reveal that the goodness of probiotics is not just limited to gut health but also promotes healthy hair. 

Gut inflammation, gut permeability, and malabsorption tend to speed up hair loss. Besides lack of certain minerals and B-complex vitamins, chronic drug abuse, stress, and environmental stimuli are also reasons we face hair fall. However, it can be reversed if the problem is treated at its core.

Kefir is Rich in Probiotics 

Kefir is loaded with Thiamine (B1), Biotin (B7), Folic Acid (B9), Cyanocobalamin (B12), Vitamin K2, and calcium. All these vitamins are essential for hair growth and good skin. Besides offering these vitamins, kefir also happens to be the food source for the bacteria present in our intestines that further help nutrient and vitamin absorption. A well-nourished and thriving gut microbiota promotes healthy hair and skin. 

Gut Health for Healthy Hair

While there are several factors that cause hair loss, the primary ones happen to be inflammation of the git and malabsorption. Both these aspects increase the inflammatory cytokines levels affecting the immune system, which then attacks the hair follicles. This also disrupts the thickness and hair growth cycle. Addressing gut health with the goodness of kefir probiotics can help lay the foundations for good hair health. To boost the process of getting good and healthy hair, you must also make changes in your diet and avoid stress.

Consume quality kefir made from large grains for best results.

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