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Kefir and its Effect on Thyroid Health

A healthy gut micro-environment is very beneficial and essential to the corresponding host. Reduction in the thyroid function affects the human body’s metabolism, which affects the overall system in the body. The gut microbes are vital in vitamin synthesis, nutrient absorption, and digestion aided by thyroid hormones. A disrupted gut function harms thyroid function. Fermented foods promote good gut health as well as thyroid health to some extent also.

Kefir for Gut-Thyroid health

Supplementation with Kefir probiotics showed a positive response towards the thyroid hormones and their functioning. Kefir is a probiotic drink containing beneficial bacteria and yeast. It is prepared from starter kefir grains containing yeast and bacteria, which are transferred to the regular dairy and then left to ferment. The fermented kefir milk refills the number of beneficial bacteria in your body, which helps in improving the balance of gut yeast and bacteria. These beneficial microbes help regulate your hormones and immune system and improve your cognitive abilities. Also, beneficial bacteria from kefir help in maintaining gut integrity and promote acidity, which prevents the pathogenic bacteria from inhabiting the gut. 

Wrapping up

You might not be aware that various thyroid problems roots in poor gut health as the levels of bad gut bacteria are very high. Various results prove that fermented foods like Kefir are full of beneficial bacteria which boost gut health. Consuming Kefir is a delicious and easy way to boost your good gut bug numbers.

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