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How Kefir Helps to Heal IBS Irritable bowel syndrome

Yogurt has long been considered a healthy food because of its numerous benefits, but now a new kid, a milk drink, Kefir, is on the market. It has been the showstopper in recent years that can alleviate various health conditions such as IBS. Irritable bowel syndrome is a frequent gastrointestinal problem caused by a stressful lifestyle and wrong food habits. People who suffer from IBS experience discomfort and stomach pain, followed by excessive diarrhea, constipation, bloating, or abnormal stools. If you are on the quest for something effective that will aid you in calming your bowel and improve your general health, Kefir will make a huge difference.

How does Kefir combat IBS?

Kefir can promote a favorable balance of bacteria in the large intestine that improves lactose digestion and stool consistency. Kefir is considered an anti-inflammatory food that reduces inflammation and heals the wounds of stomach ulcers. It also modulates the immune system, which is vital for the IB patient. Kefir is known to change the natural food preferences of the body. So, people prefer green vegetables over sugary or junk food. Kefir also helps in soothing stress and improves the pattern of sleep. 

Wrapping up

Kefir helps reduce the symptoms of IBS, especially when paired with other lifestyle changes. But, you must ensure that your immune system is strong enough to digest kefir. 

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