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How Kefir boosts Heart Health

Many individuals die young from a heart attack, and we do not see it coming. The heart is a vital organ, and heart diseases are the biggest killer. We must take care of our hearts. We all hear the advice to eat particular foods and exercise that support the heart’s health, which is essential. But we can do something else that has a big impact.

Kefir to the rescue

Kefir is a prevailing probiotic food with over 50 good yeasts and bacteria. Kefir probiotics introduce some powerful bio-active peptides that lower blood pressure when consumed. 

Moreover, it also aids in insulin regulation, alleviates pain, and boosts the immune system. The yeast and bacteria present in the Kefir culture endorse the uptake and assimilation of cholesterol by the gut microorganisms that prevent atherosclerosis. 

In managing cholesterol, probiotics limit the production of cholesterol, thus lowering the levels of blood cholesterol. Participants who drank Kefir noticed decreased bad cholesterol, lower fasting blood sugar, and decreased blood pressure. For the female participants, it increased levels of good cholesterol. As a result of the consumption of Kefir, hemodynamic measures were also seen improving. 

Wrapping up

It might seem hard to believe that drinking kefir can improve heart health. But if you tolerate dairy quite well, working Kefir on your diet can be worth a try.

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