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Solve Yeasty, Bad, and Spoilt Kefir Milk

You may have different experiences with the fermentation of milk kefir, like it may taste slightly bitter, yeasty, spoilt, or weird. We all know that kefir is a good balance of yeast and bacteria. At times, the yeast balance is prominent while the external conditions are promising for the yeast to thrive more. While the yeast becomes a bit on the higher side, it provides a less appealing or spoilt taste. But nothing to panic about; we will need to revive the taste balance. 

Recommendations to get back the balance or right taste

Using an airtight lid to cover the mouth of the container is always recommended instead of breathable cloth. The correct proportion of kefir grains and milk is essential, so using 250 ml of milk for every 5 grams of grains is recommended. The ideal temperature to preserve kefir fermentation is approximately 22 to 26 degrees. Now, milk also needs to be changed frequently. It is best to preserve the jar with kefir grains or milk for a minimum of 24 hours in the refrigerator. You can provide a gentle “milk bath” (rinse it in a strainer and vessel) with fresh milk. In this way, the excess coating of yeast will get washed away. 

Wrapping up

You must always check the presence of any abnormal fungus mold on the upper surface or if the milk kefir grains have some abnormal color. Always try to purchase balanced and well-established milk kefir grains from a recognized store and follow the best practices for making the perfect milk kefir. 

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